25 de agosto de 2010


"When I was at SCO, people who were familiar with my music-business background used to regularly comment to me how strange it must be coming out of the music business to wind up working in the computer business since the former is so "crazy" while the latter is so "straight."

"Au contraire, I would routinely reply: the computer business (and corporate culture in general) is actually far crazier than the music business. Sure, in the music business, everyone is crazy, but they ~celebrate~ their insanity by sublimating it into writing, recording and promoting million-selling heartbreaking tunes anyone can relate to about being crazy (in love, life, or a bottle of Jim Beam), whereas in the computer business, everyone is ~just as crazy~, but they're in ~stone fucking denial~ about it -- and what's crazier than being in denial about one's own essential craziness?"

Bruce Steinberg, citado por Doc Searls.

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