24 de septiembre de 2012

Historias en las que vivimos

“[W]e need all of us, whatever our background, to constantly examine the stories inside which, and with which, we live. We all live in stories, so-called “grand narratives”: nation is a story, family is a story, religion is a story, community is a story. We all live inside and within, and with, these narratives, and it seems to me a definition of any living, vibrant society that you constantly question those stories, constantly argue about them. If fact, the argument never stops. The argument itself is freedom. It’s not that you come to a conclusion about it, but that you live in a world in which you argue constantly about that world. And through that argument you change your mind sometimes, you decide that things that you used to accept in a society you no longer wish to accept; things that you did not accept in a society you begin to wish to accept. And that’s how societies grow. When you can’t retell for yourself the stories of your life then you live in a prison, then those stories don’t become the source of liberty, they become the source of captivity, because somebody else controls the story, and somebody else tells to you: ‘This is what it means, this is how you think about it, this is the only way in which the story can be told. And if you disagree with that we will come and do something terrible to you.’”

Salman Rushdie, hablando sobre "Secular values, human rights and Islamism" (a partir del instante 49 min 12 s).

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