23 de febrero de 2010

The Krugman Blues

I read the New York Times
That's where I get my news
Paul Krugman's on the op-ed page
That's where I get the blues
'Cause Paul always tells it like it is
We get it blow by blow

Krugman's got the Nobel Prize
So Krugman oughta know

When Paul goes on the News Hour
To talk to old Jim Lehrer
He looks so sad and crestfallen
It's more than I can bear
All the other experts
All seem way off beat (?)
And I guess I identify
With that pissed off look on Paul's face

When Paul gets really bumped out
That's when I get scared
But when Paul says there's a glint of hope
I fear we've all been spared

Sometimes when he's on the TV in the background
You can spot his school logo
Paul teaches at Princeton
So Paul oughta know

He's gotta (no sé qué dice aquí...)
Paul's one unhappy perv
Krugman looks on down
(ni aquí...)

I know he wants to clue us in
Concerning our impending doom
But I got the Krugman blues
From all Paul's gloom

Once I saw Krugman on a train
Amtrak into DC
I recognised his sad face
'Cause I've seen in on the TV

He looked up from his laptop
When I said "hello, Paul"
I said "keep up all the good work, Paul
you bring me down, but way to go, Paul".

Loudon Wainwright III

(Vía openculture.com.)

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