28 de diciembre de 2011


[0:01] It's interesting that some people find science so easy and others find it kind of dull and difficult. Specially kids. Some of them just eat it up and I don't know why it is. [F]or instance, lots of people love music, and I never could carry a tune. I lose a great deal of pleasure out of that. And I think people lose a lot of pleasure, who find science dull. In the case of science, one of the things that make it very difficult is it takes a lot of imagination. It's very hard to imagine all the crazy things that things really are like.

[4:13] I find myself trying to imagine all kinds of things all the time. And I get a kick out of it, just like a runner gets a kick out of sweating. I get a kick out of thinking about these things. I can't stop. I could talk forever.


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