25 de enero de 2010


Unfortunately for us, though, the intellectual fate of our historical generation is unlikely to matter much in the long haul. It is our misfortune to live through the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race, a misfortune because surplus always breaks more things than scarcity. Scarcity means valuable things become more valuable, a conceptually easy change to integrate. Surplus, on the other hand, means previously valuable things stop being valuable, which freaks people out.


Clay Shirky, respondiendo a la pregunta ¿Cómo está cambiando Internet nuestra forma de pensar? en TheEdge.org

Yo siempre había pensado que era una suerte vivir estos tiempos de incipiente y tremendo cambio cultural, pero es muy probable que Shirky, que de esto sabe mucho, tenga razón.

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